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Venus automatic weight-pricing machines

Facts - Vejemoduler
  • Wide range available with one to four conveyors suitable for all needs and production throughputs
  • Label application on top, below, on the head or on the side of the product and seal label
  • Large LCD COLOUR display
  • Manages both VARIABLE WEIGHT and FIXED WEIGHT products
  • Labels and barcodes are fully programmable by the user
  • Designed to be connected to the Ethernet without any additional optional parts
  • Can print on thermal paper, normal paper, glossy paper, plastics, and transparent materials
  • Optional wheels for easy movement

General-purpose automatic weighing-pricing lines, for a broad range of applications field, for throughputs of up to 70 packs/minute.

Incorporing the high-performance latest generation of electornics, they offer straightfordward, intuitive operation via the keypad and 8,4" graphic display. The extreme flexibility of the printer positioning allows to stick the labels both on the pack's top and sides (motor driven arm application).

Venus automatic lines software is completely compatible on Mercury range, as well as on Venus semi-automatic weigh-pricing systems.

AUTOMATIC “VENUS” WEIGH PRICE, LABELLING AND CONTROL SYSTEMS are designed to produce even more complex, more complete labels for pre-packaged VARIABLE weight products and guarantee the correct quantity for FIXED weight products.

The use and printing of barcodes, ingredients, nutritional information, traceability beyond the traditional weight price, are all required by the consumer market, which seeks new products and communication with a strong ethical imprint.

This requires the use of equipment that can be programmed easily, with large capacity for memory and data handling that is flexibly adaptable to requirements.

The VENUS range of products is our solution. It comes with a high-speed data processor, a large, backlit, LCD colour display, a full alphanumeric keypad, and a wide variety of programmable function keys.

The ability of VENUS to connect easily, completely, and reliably over the Ethernet to management systems (company hosts) allows the processes to be programmed and controlled in a centralized, efficient manner.

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