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Weighing module SIWAREX WP241

Facts - Vejemoduler
  • Uniform structure and universal communication through the integration in S7-1200
  • Standalone operation mode without SIMATIC CPU possible
  • 3 programmable digital inputs
  • 4 programmable digital outputs
  • 1 programmable analog output (0/4-20mA)
  • Speed sensor input
  • Modbus TCP/IP & Modbus RTU
  • 6 totalizers (individual resettable)

The weighing module SIWAREX WP241 can easily be integrated in SIMATIC S7-1200 via the TIA Portal but also can be operated without SIMATIC CPU. It has been designed for monitoring belt scale and weigh belt applications.

The SIWAREX WP241 can be connected directly to a Modbus HMI (Human-Machine Interface) panel through Ethernet connections or an RS485 RTU Interface.

The standard functions for the belt scale control, such as flow rate, belt speed and belt loading can be adapted and extended as required.

The simulation mode allows users to test functions like belt speed, belt loading, flow rate and many others, without a moving conveyor belt.

For commissioning and operation, the TIA Portal project “ready for use” for operator panels is available. SIWAREX WP241 fulfills the requirements of various industries, which uses belt scale applications. In addition SIWAREX WP241 can also be used in hazardous areas zone 2/22.

Integration :
Ethernet (Modbus TCP
Up to 4 million part
Updating rate:


SIWAREX WP241 Belt Scale Integrator